Tuesday, August 2, 2016


our life is like a journey and a journey must have a destination. An aim is life is the best guide to reach the desired destination. We can assert that just as a compass guides a sailor on the sea to make his ship reach the desired destination of his journey properly, so also an aim is life guides a man to make his life reach the desired goal of his zigzag journey of life. A man cannot try his luck on many a profession. A proverb also says,
“A rolling stone gathers on moss”
. A life without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. Again, The Allah (god) has sent man on earth with a great mission of living in deeds and not in year. This can be possible only through acting upon the following vision of life. This is whey, a definite aim in life a must to win in the battle of life and fulfill its mission.
“I slept and found that life is beauty, I woke and found that is duty”.
 different persons have different choice, tastes and temperament and as such they have different aims in life, somebody desires power, somebody hankers after wealth and races and somebody craves for high honor and high dignity in the society. Some wants to become social activist and work amount the distressed humanity and leave behind them footprints of the sands of time. Again, someone wants to be and engineer of neither a doctor nor a teacher and so on. This choice of profession entirely depends on ones taste, aptitude and intensity of desire

I am going straight path
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