Monday, August 1, 2016

The Horrible Innings of My Beginning | Unforgetable

Everyone must pass one’s childhood. Different people pass his childhood different way.where involed different event.But my one is most today,when it comes in my mind I feel  something that can not be described.

This is Abdullah Al Gala. I took my first breath in this world on 12th January in 1994. I was born there which was not too much rich or needy family, consider as middle class family. That,s why my family was not able to full fill my all dreams .but they tried their level best. Another reason has there coz I have four siblings, so my parents need to full fill their desire. I was, however, the 1st son of my parents and 2nd of all. So I have a lots of responsibility right now. By the way, I have many rememberance,which  was heart-touching ,breathtaking, of my child. one of them I am gonna share with u.once my mom was busy with household work, so she keep me to my grandfather. At that time I was so kid,about 11 month I had.i was playing with my grandfather, while my grandfather fell into sleep, then I tried  to climb up our reeling, that was so close to bed. suddenly I fell down from the reeling, as a result I caught into trap, I cannot crying, coz my mouth was fixed with the bed edge and the wall.i was just grourning, I was about to die, but my grandfather was in deep sleep. Fortunately one of aunty passing our house and she heard a sound. She thought what was going on there, so she came to our house, then she rescue was most horrible beginning of my life.anyway,s I had a number of friends, we used to play, swim and so on together. That was most extra ordinary life. I wanna go back there and enjoy again and again.
for Konwing more about his Future Life.

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