Monday, August 1, 2016

My Ongoing life interect with connectivity.

Hello, everyone. I’m very glad to say something about myself before you. First of all I am gonna talk about my quality. . I am very sincere; responsible, down to earth, dedicated about my work. I am so extroverted and love to interect with the people. Because I bielive,  “CONNECTTIVITY IS THE PRODUCTIVITY”. IF you combine all this quality, u will get a name that is Abdullah Al Gala. I am doing BSC in  textile engineering under atish diponkar science and technology university. Now I doing here practical SEO for making myself as a multi-expert.

my ongoing day

The name of my home district is lakshmipur. It’s famous for coconut and lots of coconut trees are there. I have been living in Dhaka since my  for 6 years. It’s the capital city of Bangladesh.  Our family consists of six members. It’s a nuclear family. Excluding me, I’ve four  siblings. My father is a govt employee. My mother is a home maker. We are a happy family. I want to be a business tycone based on IT. In my leisure time, I usually read novel books. Sometimes, I watch different types of TV programs and browse the internet. Occasionally, I listen to music. My favorite person is prophet Mohammad(PBUH), because I like his  personality. My favorite teacher is Sabbir sarkar,because I like his  teaching style. My favorite actor is amir khan. because I like his acting very much. My favorite actress is Katrina kaif. because I like her acting. My favorite singer is Arijit shing, because I like his singing style. My favorite game is cricket, because it is a very exciting sport. My favorite player is sakib Al hasan, because he plays very well. My favorite TV program is dadagiri, because it is very entertaining . My favorite color is white, because it is a symbol of purity. My Favorite book is quran.because it is the guidance of hole man kind. My favorite place is cox bazar, because I like to bath sea. My favorite food is briani_, because it is our traditional food. My favorite restaurant is KFC , because I like the menu, environment and service quality of that. My favorite movie is 3 idots., because it is very entertaining  and  educative. 
Thank you very much to get me your attention. See you soon

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